Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunrise, sunset

There were many a highlight on our trip to Socal this weekend. For starters I got to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at the Flying J while hearing the news that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. Take that Dubya, ya moron!

Lunch was yummy. I thoroughly recommend the Flying J truck stop just south of Stockton on 5. Of course my eating habits have been so poor lately that usually by the time I sit down to eat I feel like a starved animal so a lot of things probably taste good to me these days.

While leaving the J OMF cracked me up when he told me that the Who's Tommy is the worst album ever made. I asked him what the best was and he said that there is no such thing. When I asked how there can be a worst if there's not best he said, "because there's Tommy."

Malibu was beautiful - a touch artificial in the way that parts of socal can be - but beautiful none the less. When th' ol' man and I were wandering around before the wedding on Saturday I laughed out loud when we stumbled upon an empty bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the gutter. That's how they roll in the 'bu. I'm also fairly certain that I saw Jason Lee in the passenger seat of a merc station wagon whose spotting led to a funny conversation about who Jason Lee is and that he appeared with Stan Lee in the movie Mallrats.

The wedding was unbelievable. There were actually dolphins jumping in the ocean behind AH and AA as they recited their vows. After the wedding I had a wonderful time trying to dance along in a hora although I never did the kicks right. During dinner we watched the sunset on the water. I have since decided that all weddings should take place on the ocean.

Not long after we arrived in Malibu an enormous car crash stopped the grapevine in both directions. It's my understanding that it is still closed. As a result we drove up highway 33 through a number of teeny tiny towns and rugged hills. It was our initial hope that we would stay in Bakersfield, however, the accident booked hotel rooms from the Grapevine to Tulare plump full. We drove on looking for a room and finally came to the Budget Inn Motel on the outskirts of Tulare. We got a spanky clean room for the low, low price of $55 with the surprise bonus of a non stop porn channel! I don't know if I've ever stayed in a room that provided free continuous porn to its guests and I've been in many a motel. As I snuggled into bed I decided not to think too much about what their regular clientele must be like.

On the way home we passed a sign for the Fresno Underground Gardens. I just googled them and they look so cool! We also drove by the sign for Pollardville and I had to choke back a tear noticing that the chicken has been removed from the top of the sign.


Dani said...

Tim is correct and you can add the film of "Tommy" to the top ten worst musicals of all time.

That pic of Fresno looks like Mesa Verde! I'd heard about that spot in Fresno before, but never seen it. Did I hear someone say "Liv is going on a day trip"?

Liv Moe said...

i wish!