Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scenes from the Struggle

About three weeks ago I found this awesome recliner in the alley behind Smitty and Skipo's house and tossed it into the back of my pickup. Turns out it used to belong to H Conway Esq and MRM. It has the most amazing wear of any chair I've ever seen. The chip board is showing through on the footrest for god sake! After finding out that it used to belong to HCE and MRM I've now decided that I need a chair from the Lady Banana MD to complete my Bananas suite of chair work.

After some initial experiments I decided that hair would be the perfect material to compliment this object. I fiddled with an array of different colored hair extensions before choosing this copper penny, strawberry blond color. I now have about 45 hours into it.

The day after I began the project I went to a lecture where this stuffy broad pitched a stink about what was and was not art and that Jenny Holzer isn't an artist because she uses text. I shot a retort at her and then thought to myself "and now I must retire to my studio and get back to sewing hair extensions into a stratolounger." I wonder what she would have thought of that.

Now that it's just me and the janitor left in the building and my back is so sore from crouching over the chair for the last 9 hours that I can barely sit up straight and because I have to pee and the janitor hasn't yet attacked the pile of poopy toilet paper on the floor in the ladies - which is now being worked on by an ant swarm - I think I'm gonna call it. I'm so super nervous that I won't get everything done b4 NY but I don't know that I need to work all night tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

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