Friday, October 19, 2007

Light my fire?

OMF and I along with a secret special guest were treated to a "glimpse of what the New Crocker will be when it opens in 2010."

We headed outside for some free champagne and I encountered this lovely ice sculpture. While waiting in line for the bar I overheard two older women standing behind me vowing that their breasts would never sag that low. When I pointed the sculpture out to OMF he began referring to it as Angelina Jolie.

Before leaving that night we made a trip to the contemporary wing to take a gander at my favorite piece of art in Sac. Portrait of My Father by Stephen Kaltenbach is one of the very few pieces I have come in contact with in Sac which absolutely stopped me in my tracks. When I first encountered it in the Museum I thought that the image was being projected onto a large canvas. It wasn't until I looked around for the projector and got close enough to the canvas that I noticed that luminosity was coming from within the work. Kaltenbach spent 7 years working on this painting in a barn in Winters and whenever I spend any amount of time looking at I wonder what it means to make a work like this and when, if ever, you decide that it's done and you can walk away. If you haven't seen this piece before it's worth the price of admission by itself.


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That painting really is the nicest piece of art in that museum, if not all of Sac. It makes me happy just thinking about it.