Tuesday, October 9, 2007

C ya wouldn't wanna Nietzsche!

"It is difficult to bungle a good idea" - Sol Lewitt

I've decided that my inspiration from here on out will only come from the lolcats translation of the holy bible and the teachings of Sol Lewitt. Between the two I think I have my bases covered. Perhaps I'll start my own site in the same vein as the teaches of Kiedis only it will be devoted to the teaches of Sol Lewitt. I think I'll have a difficult time finding as many sexy pics of my subject as there are of Kiedis on his site tho'. I'm not so sure it will speak to the kids in the same way either. What can ya do?

Speaking of good ideas... last Sat my new buddy lil' B and her delightful beau J helped me shoot the current piece I'm working on. It was great! I got to use a bunch of crazy equipment and learn more about lighting and the technical aspects of digital photography then I ever have before. Now comes the editing process.

Nietzsche as a young man before he got that crazy push broom goin'.

On Sunday I officially wore myself down to a nub so I spent most of the day in bed catching up on homework and falling in love with Nietzsche. There's really nothing not love. My nerdiness knew no bounds when last night OMF and I got in an argument about whether I was more Apollonian or Dionysian. I was fighting for Dionysian and OMF thought I was Apollonian and in the end he sort of won.

We finally got rid of the worlds ugliest light on Sunday too. See ya later jerk!

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omf said...

that was a discussion, not an argument. sheesh.