Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Astorga/Tolentino show up at the Sac State Witt Gallery right now is THE BOMB! 4 reals!!!

Sadly, because no student show lasts more than a week on the campus tomorrow will be your last day to catch it. It closes at 4:30pm. Despite it being a workday and the fact that you will have to pay to park you must, must, must check it out. This work is well thought out and executed, and terribly ambitious. They constructed a dummy wall in the gallery for god sakes!

Here are some images from tonight's reception to spur you into action...

This was a wire fence that was erected in the space and viewers were invited to install whatever objects they found in the gallery on it. My contributions included a deflated Marine World Africa USA balloon, a fortune cookie, and a pair of used eye glasses.

On the back wall of the show Astorga and Tolentino dismembered an upright piano and installed it into a dummy wall that they had created. Surrounding the piano were a variety of tools one could use in order to achieve various sounds from the exposed piano strings. Those who chose to "play" the piano were recorded and the sounds were then replayed while other viewers stepped up to make their sound contributions. The atmosphere created in the gallery was absolutely enveloping, strange, and giddy.

Painter of light Omar Thor Arason along with who I believe may have been Tolentino's brother play the piano with the aid of a wheelchair wheel and a tireless bicycle rim.

More piano footage. Fun for all!

Upon exiting the show the mothers of the two artists - yikes I was gonna make a bad Zappa joke there and refrained - provided showgoers with a plate of homemade delights including chicken adobo and lumpia deep-fried on location.

Whoever reads this take note! These dudes need a show in midtown and it needs to be up for more than a measly week.

Congrats guys!

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