Friday, September 7, 2007

Really Big Weekend Part II

The reminder...

Chris Daubert
"The Studio"
Photo by Sean Custer

I maybe nagging but there is seriously some great stuff to do this weekend. Next time someone tries to complain about Sac's lack of culture in my presence will get an earful about the weekend of September 7 07.

In addition to Chris Daubert's show at B. Sakata Garo, The Tangent Gallery is presenting Batboy:a tribute to the Weekly World News. Given what a great show they put on last month I'm banking this time around will be worth a visit as well.

Gale Hart is knockin' herself out at A Bitchin' Space getting ready for the Circus show. I'm still so super impressed that Gale managed to pluck a large scale and much written about piece straight from New York to Sacramento. World class city...

Again, Killer of Sheep, Killer of Sheep, Killer of Sheep. The Library of Congress declared it a national treasure for god's sake!

After all of the highbrow is over... dumb it down with Harold Ray and The Shruggs late Saturday night. And then...

the Demo Derby on Sunday!!!!!

Sacramento, what's not to love?

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