Monday, September 24, 2007

Living my precious moments

The Ol' Man and I were living our precious moments this past weekend. The Crosley meet was a hoot as usual. Minden was a lot of fun too. After the morning festivities wrapped up Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Genoa which is about a 10 minute drive from main street Minden, and possesses the unique distinction of being the oldest town in Nevada. Once there I made sure to enjoy a red beer at the oldest bar in Nevada before we zipped back to Minden for the all you can eat awards dinner at the Carson Valley Inn. I'm hoping the hour and a half of film I shot will enable me to make three, five minute shorts.

On Sunday evening Muggs and G Bomb took me out to La Trattoria for my belated birfday. It was so good!!! I had a Czech wine whose name escapes me but which I would totally drink again - and again, and again - along with the chicken paprikash which put the chicken paprikash at Little Prague in Davis to shame. G got the goulash, yum(!) and Muggs had meatloaf which can never be bad. Best Czech food ever and that includes the Czech food I actually ate in the Czech republic.

This evening I gave my presentation on Kant. Oof! I think it went okay. Kant is difficult to read and even more difficult to present someone else.

Now that that's done I can begin to focus on the studio tour that I'm participating in this weekend. I'll post more about that as the weekend draws closer.

Painting, installing, sewing, and more painting.

It never ends...

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