Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marathon post

Sheesh! It's been a while since I've had time to post. The Capitol Area Studio Tour has possessed my brain and my time. Fortunately, it went exceptionally well this year. The first day I got the big goose egg on attendance but on the second day I ended up with 20 visitors including an art student from Mexico. In relation to the total number of attendees and the fact that I'm on the moon - aka Sac State - I was very pleased. In general I think that the studio tour has the potential to elevate the understanding and acceptance of contemporary work in our community. I had some great conversations with a number of visitors about conceptual art and the function it serves in society.

As evidence of my distraction I forgot to post this delicious watermelon I grew this summer. It's important because it's the only one I produced. The others either popped or died on the vine.

In music news... Th' Streaks are back... finally! Despite headlining one of the longest and strangest house parties I've been to all year they still managed to tear it a new one. I kept staring at the Zappa poster in the background all night contemplating my feelings about him. Zappa has always seemed like someone whose work I should like but I just don't. He seemed great but his music didn't do much for me. This clip of him and Mike Nesmith is pretty awesome.

I saw the Ancient Sons this weekend with the new line up as well and decided once again that I am pro. I give the new and somewhat unconventional seating arrangement a la late 60s beat happenin' a thumbs up too.

Here's a little Neil Hamburger to kick off your week. Because I don't have quicktime pro you'll just have to crane your neck and pretend that this is right side up. Hopefully Neil doesn't sue me or send someone up here to break my knees and my camera. I got home Thursday night covered in little bits of lime pulp from the drink that he threw at the guy filming in front of me.

On a final note... I think that this is HILARIOUS!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Neeeeeeeeeil Hamburger!

Neil Hamburger is performing tonight at The Blue Lamp. His special brand of comedy has grown on me like a fungus. If you're in the mood for something that's in incredibly poor taste accompanied by a beer or two then this will be right up your alley. The face Neil's making in this photo reminds me of a certain someone who shall remain nameless. I'll leave that one to the imagination. Here's a pretty funny article about him at the Gothamist.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yacht Rock!!!!

Peter Frampton, Brad Elterman, 1977

This pic of Frampton on his yacht is my gift to G Bomb today. I found it when I did a google image search of Phil Spector last night after I heard about his mistrial. I like to look at his many wig transformation and giggle.

Phil Spector and Entourage, Brad Elterman

I found this awesome image of Phil and the one of Frampton on Brad Elterman's photography site. This guy took some crazy photos. Among my favs are the picture of Ed Asner kissing Bella Abzug and the one of the Ramones in Hollywood dressed all California cool. Sadly, he doesn't have anything posted past the 80s.

Studio tour!

I've given up for the time being. My personal maintenance has reached an all time low. I have barely had time to shower in the morning let alone shave my legs or take time to insure that the clothes I'm wearing are absent of holes or stains.

At the current moment I'm preparing for the Capitol Area Studio Tour - CAST - that takes place this weekend. I am one of the featured artists on the tour so in addition to my usual doin's this week, I am also painting my studio and installing work in preparation for the event. I've brought the Bud with me for moral support and company despite the fact that he looks completely disinterested bordering on desperate to leave most of the time.

My number one goal for the event is to get Chore installed and filmed. I completely boofed it when the piece was installed at the Fools Foundation. Halfway through the evening LD came up to me and suggested that I should have been filming show goers interacting with the work to which I said "failure, failure, failure, failure."

On a semi-unrelated note I would like to use this opportunity to say how much I miss the Fools Foundation. I know I am not alone in this. It is my sincere hope that things get sorted out and that the Fools comes back to us!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Living my precious moments

The Ol' Man and I were living our precious moments this past weekend. The Crosley meet was a hoot as usual. Minden was a lot of fun too. After the morning festivities wrapped up Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Genoa which is about a 10 minute drive from main street Minden, and possesses the unique distinction of being the oldest town in Nevada. Once there I made sure to enjoy a red beer at the oldest bar in Nevada before we zipped back to Minden for the all you can eat awards dinner at the Carson Valley Inn. I'm hoping the hour and a half of film I shot will enable me to make three, five minute shorts.

On Sunday evening Muggs and G Bomb took me out to La Trattoria for my belated birfday. It was so good!!! I had a Czech wine whose name escapes me but which I would totally drink again - and again, and again - along with the chicken paprikash which put the chicken paprikash at Little Prague in Davis to shame. G got the goulash, yum(!) and Muggs had meatloaf which can never be bad. Best Czech food ever and that includes the Czech food I actually ate in the Czech republic.

This evening I gave my presentation on Kant. Oof! I think it went okay. Kant is difficult to read and even more difficult to present someone else.

Now that that's done I can begin to focus on the studio tour that I'm participating in this weekend. I'll post more about that as the weekend draws closer.

Painting, installing, sewing, and more painting.

It never ends...

Friday, September 21, 2007


The Ol' Man and I are taking off for a mini weekend away this afternoon, or should I say a micro weekend? We're heading up to Minden, NV for the west coast Crosley meet. For the next 24 hrs it'll just be me, a pack of octogenarian micro car enthusiasts, a fleet of shoe boxed sized candy colored Crosleys, and my husband. I'll be bringing a video camera this year of course. For more info on Crosleys here's a link to my loser husband's website on the topic.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coming up for air

This image illustrates one of Kant's best known Moments concerning the Pinto's perceived beauty or lack there of.

Shit's been crazy this week. Busy, busy, busy. Painting, sewing, reading Kant, - you know, for fun - writing, editing, and more reading. I have a column to finish in the next day or so as well. In fact, I have been so busy lately that I completely forgot that I had jury duty on Monday and didn't call or show up, not that I would have the time to but... Way to go me! BTW as long as you call nothing happens they just send you another notice, not that I'm suggesting that anyone blow off their jury duty of course.

Before things started blowin' up I had a fabulous weekend with so much yummy food! Tim took me out to Mulvaney's for my birthday and as usual it was flawless. Seriously, if you need a reliable place with wonderful food and impeccable service Mulvaney's is your huckleberry.

We had champagne along with a variety of other tasty wines, homemade mozzarella, lamb pappardelle, and for dinner I had quail stuffed with house made sausage on a bed of matsutake mushrooms and sauteed greens. It was the fastest 2 1/2 hour meal I have ever experienced. For dessert we tried the Earl Grey creme brulee which like everything else was superb.

On Saturday OMF, Skipper, Smitty and I headed out to Davis for Los Llamarada and The Mayyors. The Mayyors shredded. At one point during the set JP let a gob of spit fly and I'm still wondering if it nailed Wuhaus or an audience member.

Los Llamarada were pretty alright. I enjoyed their set a lot more when the keyboardist took over the vocals. Before we left the sweaty speedo clad lead singer of one of the other bands rubbed his sweaty, sweaty, bod all over the Klingster's BF. I wish I had a photo of that!

Alright, enough horsin' around. Back to the salt mines....

Monday, September 17, 2007



Friday, September 14, 2007

It's my birfday!

I'm out!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


The week is done. Tonight is your last chance to see Killer of Sheep at the Crest Theatre. Do it! You'll be glad you did!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Killer Week Day 6 Wed

After seeing Killer of Sheep last Friday OMF observed something that I think is totally apt. Whenever most of us make something creative whether it's art or music or film we do it with the audience in mind and in some ways - or a lot of ways depending on one's priorities - the viewer response validates the quality of the work. Killer of Sheep dispels this notion in that, here is this totally quality piece of work that very few people have seen - and few continue to see in Sacramento because apparently we are a town of churls - and yet it's cultural impact and relevance goes without saying. My friend EC has said that she is drawn to things that are made well and also beautifully. I often think about that when I go to the studio. I don't necessarily think that what I make has to be beautiful but I do believe that at the end of the day whatever I make has to be made well. Works of great quality possess an integrity which withstands the test of time. It's my hope that more people would see this film for that reason. Not only because it is a beautiful film on innumerable levels but also because its creation and history stand as a lesson to everyone who makes creative work.

Killer of Sheep, Crest Theatre, 916.44.CREST

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, time for Killer of Sheep

Killer of Sheep
, Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street. 916.44.CREST

Do it!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


After a summer full of a variety of ups and downs I'm back at Sac State with all of it's redwoods and "ambiguously" sexual public art.

It's rush week and the quad is teaming with brothers and sisters looking for new recruits. Last year I had the extreme good fortune of standing in line behind two dodos who were complaining that the new hazing regimen was watered down compared to previous years and that the newbies "wouldn't have to touch each other's dicks or nuthin'." The urge was so great to lean forward and say, "so, you two have touched each other's dicks, huh?" Somehow I managed to restrain myself.

This year proves to be much more challenging than the last. I'm already only about a week in and have spent close to every free moment I've had in my studio.

Last week through a mix up on my part I ended up having to crank out a work that could be no more than 24"x60" in two days. That sounds like a decent sized area but it's actually smaller than one might think. After some experimenting I came up with this...

24"x24" round
magazines, thread

The work I've been doing with printed material lately has proved to be a more fulfilling exploration than what I had initially anticipated. When I was thinking of a piece to put in the SMUD gallery show OMF suggested that I delve further into the same materials I used in constructing Leisure. I'm really glad he made that suggestion.

Magazines, thread, chair

I haven't actually read a Rollingstone with any kind of real interest since I was in highschool. As an adult it seems like such a vapid, bit of fluff designed to help young people learn how to become "rebellious" through the guise of "cutting edge" music reporting which strangely seems to focus primarily on mainstream musicians and performers. Basically those who are the furthest from any real subversion. Tearing up the bad boys of rock and roll issue gave me particular pleasure.

All of the points I've just mentioned become more apparent when the viewer is looking at the magazine as a jumble of disjointed text and images. The word "sex" jumps out fairly frequently as do the names Britney Spears, J. Lo, and Gwen Stefani. This sort of presentation provides the viewer with a different vantage point from which to analyze the publication and its cultural significance. When I constructed Leisure, a piece I made earlier this year, I took this theme a little further placing a mass of sewn magazines in a chair, allowing it to slump, and lazily spill onto the floor. In this way I was hoping to reference the sort of passive consumption of media that takes place in our culture.

Smash up

I am a busy lady this morning! Until I have more time to post you can enjoy this grainy demolition derby footage.


Monday morning and I'm back to work after a dazzling weekend!!!! Go see Killer of Sheep.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sheep Sunday

It's Killer Week day 3... Sunday. What better way to wind down the weekend than with a film and what better film than Killer of Sheep?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Killer week

Okay, so after attending Killer of Sheep last night I can confirmed what The Reeler and so many others have said about it. This film is the best! Sadly, the Ol' Man and I were in attendance last night and were 2 of about 15 people there. Shame on everyone! I seriously hope that the attendance picks up as the week goes on - it's my understanding that it's only running through the week - and as such I intend on posting a reminder that the film is running everyday through Thursday.

I would also advise against using Jim Lane's review as any sort of insight into the film. There are several inaccuracies in the review - the film was made in 76-77 not 72-73 and the child said to be wearing a gorilla mask is actually wearing a dog mask - and in general it sells the film short as well as underestimates the sophistication of Sacramento's film going audience.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Really Big Weekend Part II

The reminder...

Chris Daubert
"The Studio"
Photo by Sean Custer

I maybe nagging but there is seriously some great stuff to do this weekend. Next time someone tries to complain about Sac's lack of culture in my presence will get an earful about the weekend of September 7 07.

In addition to Chris Daubert's show at B. Sakata Garo, The Tangent Gallery is presenting Batboy:a tribute to the Weekly World News. Given what a great show they put on last month I'm banking this time around will be worth a visit as well.

Gale Hart is knockin' herself out at A Bitchin' Space getting ready for the Circus show. I'm still so super impressed that Gale managed to pluck a large scale and much written about piece straight from New York to Sacramento. World class city...

Again, Killer of Sheep, Killer of Sheep, Killer of Sheep. The Library of Congress declared it a national treasure for god's sake!

After all of the highbrow is over... dumb it down with Harold Ray and The Shruggs late Saturday night. And then...

the Demo Derby on Sunday!!!!!

Sacramento, what's not to love?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Really Big Weekend Part I

The notice...

"If Killer of Sheep were an Italian film from 1953, we would have every scene memorized." — MICHAEL TOLKIN, SCREENWRITER

There's a lot to do this weekend, starting tomorrow when Killer of Sheep opens at the beautiful Crest Theatre. I've been super excited about this film since I first heard about it a month ago. The film was made in 1977 and was never released because the film maker Charles Burnett, was unable to get permission to use several of the songs featured on the soundtrack. Despite having won numerous awards Killer of Sheep has been waiting for three decades to be seen. While I can't speak much to the film itself as I won't be seeing it until tomorrow my buddy ST Van Airsdale of Reeler fame got to spend some time with Burnett this summer so check out what he has to say.

Saturday night is 2nd Saturday and Gale Hart has an interesting show in store for Sacramento at her gallery A Bitchin' Space. Chris Daubert's show opens at Sakata Garo this weekend too.

The Shruggs at American Idol 3 auditions in Pasadena

Post art The Shruggs are playing at Old I with Harold Ray Live in Concert. A band that hasn't darkened Sacto's door in quite some time.

Sunday I'll be in the foothills watching old cars smash into one another and catchin' plenty of dirt in my teeth while I'm at it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well, sorta sike. Yesterday we got the schedule for grad reviews and they are of course taking place the day after the last Sonics show. No biggee. It just means I go to the first show on that Friday and fly home early. In the meantime I have to work like my pants are on fire - which I should be doing anyway - because I just lost 4 days to work right before advancements.

In other news... I brought my sewing machine to school today and as far as I know I'm in a show at the SMUD gallery this month? I have to drop the piece off on the 10th so I gotta get crackin'!

I'm out!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I was doing some research on the internet today and came across a new delicacy.

Have love...

It was a big weekend beginning with Friday night when I found out that th' Ol' Man and I are going to New York! The Sonics are reuniting for two shows in Brooklyn in early November so there ya go. I have my sights on PS1 and who knows what all else while we're there. Chelsea? Yeah, fuckin' yeah!

Saturday brought delicious, delicious Greek food, although I am in agreement with everyone else that it wasn't as good as last year.

Sunday we gave Old Man Olsen a warm send off.

Yesterday was an explosion of ribs, chicken, and cheese.

Now, I'm back in my studio embarking like so many others are on a new school year ready or not...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tell me more!

"Sounds like just what I'm looking for ti enlarge my breast, please provide me with updates" - Jennifer, Toronto

I had bigs plans for posting details of my recent hijinks, however, I haven't quite gotten my shit together. In the meantime enjoy this delightful article about how you too can grow your own breast implants.