Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everyone's a critic

Grandma Planet, David Lane

David Lane killed it again this year in the State Fair's Fine Art Exhibition taking Best of Show for the second year in a row. I always wonder what his studio must look like considering how enormous his work is.

Summertime III, Hei Fok

I think my favorite piece in the show was by Hei Fok. This photo really doesn't do it justice, you have to be there. Using an insanely thin, neon pink ink pen, Fok made all of these tiny spidery lines. The result creates these dense areas that almost appear three dimensional.

There were a few other works worth pointing out, although I feel like a churl for not having the artists names and titles for all of them. I'll post them anyway and then perhaps you'll be extra encouraged to go check them out.

I think that this was actually in the Youth Exhibit which also had some interesting work this year. I took a bunch of photos of some crocheted works that I thought were pretty great too but they were all too blurry.

As usual the show had a few dingers that make you wonder if some of the work from the youth exhibits got slipped in by mistake.

I originally saw this piece of searing political commentary at the Elliot Fouts Gallery. I still think Cheney looks more like a pig then a pug.

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Hei said...

Thanks for the nice compliment. It's great to know that someone else out there shares the same thoughts and feelings!