Monday, December 31, 2007

Shave and a haircut

This is it... my last post for 2007. So far this, the final day of 07 has been pretty okay. It began with homemade scones with RC and OMF and then grooming the dog, or the dramedy in 4 acts as I'm now going to refer to it.

Now I'm gearing up to make dinner and kiss this year goodbye. I have to admit that I don't have my party pants on... yet. Maybe I won't. I think I may have worn them out last Friday at the 4 Eyes Christmas show. We'll see I suppose...

Day 2

more spice cake
beans and rice
mysteriously gritty broccoli and cheese soup, butternut squash and spinach salad, bread, red wine
really mediocre frogurt

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The experiment

Okay, so this may prove to be really tedious but as I have continued to read AITKWAE I started wondering how some of the essayists in the book have managed to keep track of what they've eaten over the years. This got me thinking about my food memory and so I have decided that I will keep track of what I eat for the next month. I don't plan on getting terribly descriptive as I really just see this as a sort of experiment. A chance for me to look back over thirty days and either marvel or shake my head in sullen disbelief at what I subsist on. It should be noted as well that I don't diet nor do I plan on dieting in the near future. I'm really just doing this out of curiosity as to my eating habits. Here we go:

Day 1
2 large pieces of spice cake
Turkey and swiss sandwich on sourdough from the Coffee Garden - which was really, really, good BTW - potato chips, pickels
3 pieces of sausage, olive, and mushroom pizza from Famous Pizza and half of a dinner salad with ranch dressing

Friday, December 28, 2007


West and wewaxation

I gotta get back to work. I've cooled my heels for the past few days but now enough is enough. This weekend I'll be distributing the mag, applying for grants and out of state shows, and hopefully popping over to my studio for a bit... hopefully. This whole relaxing thing is dangerous and the longer I do it the less I want to get back to work.

In my relaxed state I've been reading Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant and it's proving to be pretty fab. I just finished reading an essay about one woman's obsession with asparagus which seemed like it ran a little long but overall I am enjoying this book immensely. It is also making me think about what I typically cook when I'm home alone and to wonder more intently - considering this is something I think about all the time already - about what my friends and colleagues eat when they are alone.

I have one professor at Hornet tech who can be seen walking around with a bran muffin or an apple at all times of the day and evening. Another professor of mine brings these funny little textbook sandwiches to lunch and by that I mean they look like what is usually picture in children's books and clip art as a sandwich. Two pieces of sliced bread with a round piece of bologna colored luncheon meat, a square piece of orange cheese, and a thin slightly ruffly piece of green lettuce poking around the edges.

This book also made me think about my acclimation to OMF's eating habits in the first couple months we were together. One night after a weekend of non-stop BBQ's and parties we got home both feeling a little hungry and in agreement that a nibble at home would be nice. I'm thinking sandwich, nachos, cheese and crackers typical snack fare. OMF on the other hand had something very specific in mind... a can of corn period. Just a can of corn, straight outta the can nothing else, just corn. I stared at him in disbelief. He suggested that I too could grab a can and a fork and I thought, but I don't really want a whole can of corn for dinner.

There was another time the night before one of our first dates that he cut and rinsed the mold off of some bologna and made a sandwich for dinner. The following night's date was nearly aborted as a result due to his frequent need to use the pot. The best part was that Skipper watched him cleanse his meat the previous night and tried to warn him against it but he would not be deterred.

I find all of this fascinating. As I continue to read this book I'm sure I will come up with more anecdotes to share. If anyone else has anything interesting they eat in private I'm all ears.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

%50 OFF

All Goodwill stores were 50% off today. It was pretty awesome.

Merry X-mas? WTF is this?

Does this thing look oddly anthropomorphic to anyone else?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The necklace

On Christmas day 1973, one year after my grandfather died,(my mother's father), my mother and my grandmother went to Montana to visit my uncle after one of his first trips to Alaska. This is what he got her that year:

This year it was one of the many lovely presents my mother gave me. I love it so much I am almost afraid of it. For the time being - or perhaps forever - I will be keeping it in a safe place. I really can't imagine losing it.

In addition to this lovely gift my ma also embroidered an awesome set of hillbilly themed dish towels for me and gave me a copy of Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. Granted I asked for that one but it was a good gift anyway. I began reading it today and I am already bowled over by the introduction. I'll save the quotes for later when I've finished it.

Speaking of food, every year my ma puts out a spread that would have made the Romans blush. There were untold varieties of cheese, potato pancakes with smoked salmon and caviar, steak skewers, meatballs, empanadas, nuts, pies, bread, and shrimp. Not to mention enough wine to choke a horse, port, brandy, and beer. It's crazy, and as I have been known to do in past years, I overindulged to the point of queasiness. When the Ol' Man and I got home many glasses of wine and heaps of hors d'oeuvres later I felt like a boat listing on a rocky sea. I laid in bed very still with a glass of water waiting for my tummy to settle before I passed out. Fortunately Christmas Eve comes once a year.

I told my cousin B that Christmas Day is sorta of a funny day for us as we open most of our presents on Christmas Eve. Once the big family production is through, most of the holiday itself is left to OMF and I to open our own presents and lollygag around with little or nothing to do. It's bliss basically.

Speaking of the Ol' Man... he gave me a tree(!!!) this year, - and no, that's not a euphemism for anything - a locket, and a copy of Mingering Mike: The Amazing Career Of a Soul Superstar amongst other things. Dori Hadar's discovery, is truly one of the number one reasons to bust ass out of bed early in the am and hit a flea market. So cool!

Christmas Day was finished with a prime rib dinner at my folks' to round out the previous nights gorge fest and then back home for the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. WPTH is so sweet. The soundtrack is a bit much but it becomes less of an annoyance as the film progresses.

All in all a fine holiday.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


like an adorable, hairy, little lamb/pig

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The return of the magic guitar genie

Th' Streaks show in SF at Annie's Social Club last Friday was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I didn't know it at the time but I was coming down with a creepy little cold made worse by drinking too many beers but still...

I wonder what MK's smiling about...

MF wiping his ass with his guitar while rippin' a kick ass solo.

OMF halting the dreaded kick drum creep.

Feed back is the dullest shit ever to shoot.

Monday, December 17, 2007

"you suck a dick, you suck a dick."

Why Is Jack Walls the Coolest Motherfucker on Earth?


Awesome! Sara Tecchia Roma New York curated a show using work from the Saatchi Gallery Online.

I have to say Saatchi online art hosting is an overblown underdeveloped bunch of bologna. In theory I suppose it could have worked but really, once your work is uploaded it is then swallowed up into Saatchi's online ocean. Any lofty ideas that this site may have democratized the art world, minimizing the importance of the dealer, putting the power in the artists hands is moot. Whenever I meet someone who proudly tells me they have work on Saatchi's site I just nod and try to look as impressed as I can manage, secretly thinking "well that will do you a lot of good."

It is for this cranky reason that I am stoked that a curator is taking the ball and running with it. It's gonna take galleries like Sara Tecchia Roma New York to make Saatchi online work. I've had work on the Saatchi site for awhile now and have seen nary a bite. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way bitter about this because really I didn't expect to get much back from it, I just figured it was a worthy experiment. They used to post the number of artists who participate but it looks like they don't anymore. The last time I check it was in the hundreds of thousands and with that many participating artists, how will gallerists or patrons search for talent without making it a month long affair? Most successful galleries receive upwards of 20 portfolios a week from artists looking to get shows which takes time in itself. It is for this reason that I think the Sarah Tecchia idea is so great because it is specifically taylored to searching for work on the Saatchi site as opposed to the hope that an existing gallery or patron will just happen upon you amidst a sea of other contenders.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

boners and loners

The Onion AV club unveiled the worst bands names of '07. I am tickled to see that hometown boys Sex Rat and Killgasm made the list. Some of my personal favs were:

General Patton and His Privates
Punk as a Doornail
The Mister Fuckhead Ensemble
Vomit Bomb
Does it offend you, yeah?

postd by beckla

lolinatin teh Heckasacz...


DRAT! I'm a little sick today:( In a bid to overcome it b4 it gets bad I'm hangin' in bed today lolinating my seitz. TH take note! I have plans for updating my site LOL stylz!

Friday, December 14, 2007


i just finished my last batch of quizzes for the semester and now i'm done, done, donesky... i think might just enjoy a little sunshine today. in lieu of an actual post here's a holiday gift idea for the practical joker on your list. note the hysterical look on his face... HILARIOUS!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I want so much of this!!!!

Marco Werman released his top music picks for 2007. I want so many of them!!!

No parking baby

This past 2nd Saturday was pretty fab. Beginning at Body Tribe with this little number which would have been G Bomb's X-mas present if it weren't for the 50 smacker price tag.

No Parking on the Dance Floor(?), oil(?)/acrylic(?) on canvas(?)

Then to the Axis/CCAS complex for two outstanding shows. This is probably the best combo I've ever seen there. The Axis is putting on Fussfactory 12 featuring a slew of talented west coast artists. Two of my favorites were Freya Channing's outstanding dog/sheep/goats constructed out of hemp fiber and Margaret Griffith's wonderful architectural watercolors that are so simple and elegant. One of the best parts of Freya's piece - for me - is the way the hind quarters of her creatures look almost exactly like Buddy's. I really wanted to pet them and I probably could have gotten away with it but I restrained myself.

Freya's creatures with the artist herself in the back left.

More Freya...

So cute bottom!

The Center is featuring San Francisco artist Christopher Irion's photobooth project. Irion has traveled 8000 miles and taken 2000 photos. The show at the Center features images of the employees at Pride Industries in Roseville. This show may very well be the best use of this space I've seen to date. The photos are very well installed although I could have done without the spooky electronica music. I don't think it was intentional and it colored my impression of the show as much as I tried to ignore it.

So if you're out and about this weekend and have a hankering for art please, please, please go check these 2 shows out. I was really bummed that there weren't more people in these galleries. These shows shouldn't be missed!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

No time:(

I have no time to post today but in the meantime AFC's Miami Art Fair reporting is a pretty entertaining read.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cookies and champagne

I began my day with the Skipper taking pictures of shit stains on the side of the crystal Dairy building in Alkali Flat which I am sure will find their way into my work somehow soon and possibly even into my graduate show. Why you may ask? Well because I think shit's funny and because finding a pile of crap in a public place is a complete narrative if you think about it carefully.

After shooting a bunch of pics which I wish I could post but they're polaroids and I don't have a scanner handy at the moment, Skip and I found a recliner on the side of the road that was so beat up and funny that we immediately scooped it up and tossed it in my truck and headed for my studio. From there I TA'd a couple of classes did a little painting and what not and then headed over to the Solomon Dubnick Gallery for their holiday sale.

Let me preface this by saying that I know they're a commercial gallery and I know that I live in Sacramento but come on! Would it kill them to branch out a little? I'm not asking for anything as curious as what I was shooting this morning but a little Nathan Cordero would be alright. Or what about some Patrick Marraso or Lisa Prettol? I know that shit would sell in that venue and until established galleries start taking even baby step chances and gradually introduce our small community of patrons to this work we're never gonna get past the alternative spaces. Not that there is anything wrong with alternative spaces mind you.All I'm saying is this.. is there really such a stifling market for benign paintings and whimsical ceramic work in this town that there isn't room for anything new in our commercial spaces? I think no, but I'm also a terminal optimist when it comes to these things.

Anyhoo, I shouldn't be so huffy. I did close my day with probably the best cookie I've had all month - and that's saying something cuz I've been eating a lot of cookies this month - and a pretty damn yummy glass of champagne at the reception.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


"Error: "The easy life of an artist"

Not quite so. Christo works an average of 17 hours a day – 7 days a week. Jeanne-Claude is a bit more lazy – only 12 to 13 hours a day. They do not take vacations." - From the errors page on Jean-Claude and Christo's site

Still Life with Chair

Chris Daubert dropped by my studio last night and provided me with some valuable insights into the work I am currently making. He also told me to look up the work of Richard Artschwager, which I dutifully did this morning and as a result was led to this awesome design site that has a whole page devoted to the chronology of chair works. So cool!

The list of 40 or so artists begins with Duchamp... duh...

then moves on to folks like Daniel Spoeri who if you're not familiar with is truly worth checking out...

and Mr. Artschwager who led me to this goldmine in the first place...

and lastly one of my particular favs. This piece by Doris Salcedo seems highly inspired by Christo's early oil drum work. I wonder if she was aware of it before creating this?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I call bullshit on Goodwill...

I've been wondering for awhile now why Goodwill stores suck so bad these days. After reading this report this afternoon I need wonder no longer.

Monday, December 3, 2007


The Holiday FUNraiser was... fun! Although, I aint postin' any pics as I have to save them for my precious, precious magazine.

Since Saturday night I've decided that record store shows are great and that Sac should have more of them. Especially since we could use another all ages venue in this town. The only pit fall is that if you linger around the aisles long enough you'll start buyin' shit which I suppose is the point, however, I tried to keep my blinders on for that specific reason.

The DJ's in the Avid Reader and Records were great too not to mention all of the yummy food. Browsing for books and records to a sweet soundtrack with tasty treats is a pretty alright way to spend a freezing cold Saturday if you ask me.

All in all good times. Thanks to everyone who came out and super thanks to everyone who threw a toy or some sweet moola in the direction of a needy kid as that was what it was all about.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not so much your best stew...

I made some really mediocre stew this evening. In fact, it wasn't even stew, it was moderately ambitious soup. It was seriously okay at best. To those who read this blog, if anyone has a tip on a good stew recipe I'm all ears. It's not like I'm all stew crazy or anything - actually, maybe I am now a little - but I am determined to make some good stew just so I can say that I can. Beef, chicken, veggie, fish, crockpot or no, I'm game!

Friday, November 30, 2007

tis the season to be jolly...

Santa with Butt Plug, Paul McCarthy, 2007

It's all about the thali!

We went out to dinner for Muggs' way - way(!), way(!), way(!) - belated b-day dinner at Kaveri Madras Cuisine on Fulton last night and it was great! We all got thali dinners except for Skip who got the lamb vindaloo a la cart like a sucker. The thali dinner comes with an entree, two sides, dahl, raita, naan, papadums and dessert for $11.95. I got the koorma thali with a Kingfisher and ate til I could barely move. This is absolutely the best Indian food I've had in Sac. A got the lamb kabob which might of been my favorite thing at the table. The lamb was juicy, tender and delicately spiced. So good!!!

I used the occasion for this special event to get back to work on a print project that I started two years ago and made this print for Muggs.

Study for Birds#3

Over the past year or so I've been slowly getting back to the projects I left off on prerobbery and it's been really, really nice.

Happy not birfday Muggs!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

and again...